Alisa Esage (Russian: Алиса Шевченко, Alisa Shevchenko) is a Russian-born computer security researcher, ethical hacker, and an entrepreneur. Wikipedia page Alisa is the first female hacker to win the world's largest professional hacking competition Pwn2Own, that was exclusively male-dominated since its establishment in 2007, and the only woman in the world to win such competitions as a solo participant. Hacker News article Heise.de Alisa taught herself assembly language and reverse engineering at age 15, worked professionally as a malware analyst at age 19, and owned a boutique infosec services company at age 25, before starting a solo career in advanced vulnerability research, participating in top-tier security bounty programs and hacking competitions, and presenting at top security conferences. Chaos Communications Congress Phrack magazine Alisa's vulnerability research work has been recognized by Microsoft, Google, Firefox, Oracle, Schneider Electric, and other software companies. Slides: Hypervisor Vulnerability Research 2020 (pdf) Training: Hypervisor Vulnerability Research Alisa has been featured in Forbes Russia magazine as a young self-made entrepreneur, as well as in Forbes Global, The Guardian, New York Times, Grazia Magazine, and other international media outlets. Interview for The Record (2021) Русские хакерши: разговор с Алисой Esage Шевченко (примечание: оригинал интервью на английском языке по ссылке выше, перевод волонтёрский с искажениями, этот комментарий правильный) Feature in Forbes Russia 2014 (note: automated translation is incorrect) Forbes 2016 on the sanctions story And yes, I still never work with douchebags, though I never made this statement referencing any specific government or company


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